Next Generation Cyber Risk Quantification and Underwriting

Traditional cyber insurance underwriting is broken. Outside-in scans don’t work, and unfortunately, questionnaires are prone to errors. Safe Security is revolutionizing this. Introducing: SafeInside.

SafeInside is the world’s first “inside-out” Cyber Risk Quantification and Underwriting Platform. The ONLY platform to assess Cyber Risk in real-time. Plus with SafeInside, you can unlock premium credits based on your SAFE Score.


Removing guesswork from cyber underwriting
Do you have Multi-Factor Authentication enabled? Yes? But on how many assets?

We get inside-out telemetry from your IT environment to give definitive real-time answers.
Helping insurers understand $ exposure vs. coverage
What is your business interruption exposure in $ terms? Are you buying enough coverage?

We translate security controls into financial exposure for accurate underwriting.
Helping carriers manage portfolio risk in real-time
What is your portfolio exposure on AWS, or to a new CVE?

We allow underwriters to manage their portfolio risk at a more granular level in real-time.

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Help your clients become more secure, get the right coverage, secure more competitive renewal terms and become insurable after an attack.
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Make more informed decisions with a true understanding of cyber risk and financial exposure per risk and across the portfolio.
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Understand your gaps, financial exposure, and get the right cyber insurance policy with unique premium and coverage enhancements for your organization’s specific requirements.
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