July 12, 2023

The Safe Security x RiskLens Acquisition Will Transform Cyber Risk Management

Measure, Manage, and Transfer Your Cyber Risk Using an AI-Driven and Automated FAIR™ Model, all integrated within the SAFE platform.

By Saket Modi – CEO, Safe Security, and Nicola Sanna – President, Safe Security (Former CEO, RiskLens)

Cyber Risk Management is at a critical inflection point. With rising scrutiny from global regulatory bodies – demanding proactive risk reporting and Board-level accountability and oversight – organizations across industries are rethinking their cyber risk management strategies. The market is calling for greater automation in the overall risk governance process, and the reliance on subjective and manual inputs for point-in-time assessments is no longer sufficient, given the ever-present threat of zero-day attacks that don't wait for annual audits.

With this acquisition, Safe Security and RiskLens are bringing together the world's most trusted cyber risk quantification model - Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR™) with the world's most advanced AI-powered automated Cyber Risk Management platform, SAFE. This powerful combination will firmly position cyber risk management as a business enabler.

Saket Modi, Nick Sanna, Jack Jones, and Pankaj Goyal

From Left to Right: Saket Modi, Nick Sanna, Jack Jones, and Pankaj Goyal

The Industry’s Need for an Automated FAIR Model

The Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR™) Model is the international gold standard for cyber risk quantification, and the FAIR community represents 50% of Fortune 500 organizations. Over the course of the last few years, FAIR practitioners have been asking for solutions that would leverage FAIR’s rigor and defensibility in modeling cyber risk and scale more efficiently.

The obvious next step in continuing the journey of transforming cyber risk management was to automate FAIR assessments. As a part of our roadmap, we will embed the FAIR Model and combine it with SAFE’s data-dense Cyber Risk Cloud of Clouds Platform to equip businesses with the industry’s first automated, AI-driven, and real-time solution to measure, manage, and mitigate cyber risk.

Integrating FAIR’s rigorous decade-long research and SAFE’s automated processing capability of over 3 billion signals daily will provide organizations with unmatched confidence in SAFE’s breach prediction and prevention recommendations. From gaining real-time and enterprise-wide visibility on a single dashboard and knowing where their greatest cyber risks are… to how an enterprise should prioritize cyber risk management and what financial impact each cyber risk (and its mitigation effort) has on the business – the SAFE platform empowers businesses to shift from reactive activities to proactive cyber risk management.

“SAFE will automate FAIR with its AI data-driven platform. This powerful fusion of SAFE’s industry-leading AI capabilities with RiskLens' pioneering FAIR model offers enterprises a one-stop shop for all their cyber risk management needs.” – John Chambers – Chairman Emeritus, Cisco, and Founder of JC2 Ventures.

How does the acquisition benefit your business?

  1. Experience Automation and Data-Driven CRQ within the FAIR Model

    The combined solution will empower customers to manage risk using a real-time, data-driven, automated, standard risk assessment model instead of static data and manual processes.

  2. Gain a Continuous View of Cyber Risk and Controls Effectiveness

    Unlike first-generation CRQ solutions that provide only point-in-time risk assessments, SAFE’s combination of FAIR™ risk analyses with real-time monitoring provides customers with a continuous view of the state of their cybersecurity controls and top cyber risks.

  3. Quantify Business Risk Based on Open Standards

    The combined solution will provide organizations with unmatched cyber risk management capabilities. Customers can quantify and manage cyber risks using standard frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK, D3FEND, FAIR, NIST CSF, and more in a real-time, transparent, and justifiable way.

  4. Get Actionable Insights to Prioritize Critical Control Gaps

    The solution provides the breach likelihood for your organization, how it compares to your peers in your industry, and the financial impact of a data breach. This helps you redirect your finite resources to prioritize the control gaps that can have the most significant impact on risk reduction.

  5. Unlock Detailed Cyber Risk Scenarios with Industry-Specific Solutions

    Gain unprecedented insight into cyber risk exposures that are unique to your industry. Our comprehensive solution offers 120+ out-of-the-box risk scenarios with a level of detail that is unmatched in the industry.

  6. Benefit from the Expertise of Tenured Risk Experts in your Cyber Risk Journey

    Our commitment to our customers goes beyond just a powerful platform – the joint solution will enable us to provide the right risk experts to support customers on their journey of managing cyber risk. Utilize risk advisory services from the world’s most experienced trainers and consultants who have successfully built, trained, enabled, and executed hundreds of cyber risk management programs and projects. This level of expertise is unmatched by our competitors and ensures that our customers receive the highest level of support in their risk management efforts.

  7. Gain Continuous Cyber Risk Monitoring to Protect Against New and Emerging Threats

    SAFE’s continuous risk monitoring is based on automatically scoped and updated scenarios according to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework to help identify and measure the impact of emerging threats.

Cyber Risk Quantification and Management is no longer an option but the solution – and we’re here to help organizations navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape through efficient, proactive, and data-driven cyber risk management. We look forward to delivering enhanced value to organizations looking to optimize their cybersecurity strategy, equipping them to take control of their risk management processes. As the acquisition accelerates our mission of becoming the de-facto industry standard to measure, manage, and transfer cyber risk, we are excited to redefine and advance the industry we’ve been a part of.

To learn more, please read the press release and our datasheethref="https://net.safe.security/net.safe.security//safe/request-demo/") schedule a call] with a cyber risk expert.