June 13, 2023

Safe Joins as Launch Partner for Wiz Integrations (WIN) to Help Businesses Maximize Their Cloud Security Investments

Technology Partnership Enables Mutual Customers to Consolidate Enterprise-Wide Risk in a Single Platform

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses must have a robust on-cloud (or, at least, hybrid) presence to survive, and with increased digital presence comes the need for effective and proactive cybersecurity. Unfortunately, the current market solutions are not engineered to match the evolving requirements of enterprise risk management.

Security analysts manually correlate data from multiple systems to build spreadsheets and derive decisions. Despite investing in multiple state-of-the-art cybersecurity initiatives, business leaders do not clearly understand how secure their organization is or how they should proceed to reduce the business risk.

Addressing these challenges requires a strategic approach that leverages advanced risk assessment tools and techniques. Safe Security has partnered with leading cloud security provider Wiz to facilitate digital-first enterprise cybersecurity requirements. SAFE brings the power of cyber risk quantification to Wiz’s expansive cloud risk assessments, so customers can seamlessly include their cyber risk posture evaluation of cloud assets with the overall Cyber Risk Quantification and Management platform.

Safe x Wiz Integration to Help Businesses Maximize Cloud Cybersecurity Investments.

The Value of SAFE x Wiz

Safe Security is a strategic launch partner for the new Wiz Integrations (WIN) platform. With this integrated solution, Wiz and Safe Security will be able to share prioritized security findings with context, including inventory, vulnerabilities, issues, and configuration findings. The integration helps customers leverage their investment in a leading cloud security tool and include its cyber risk posture evaluation of the cloud assets in the overall CRQ platform that SAFE provides.

The combined value of these two offerings will streamline security for organizations that are on a cloud journey, regardless of where they may be on that journey.

Mutual customers will benefit from:

  1. Enterprise-wide Cyber Risk Management

    One of the key benefits of the SAFE and Wiz integration is the ability to consolidate cyber risk assessment in a single platform. With SAFE as the main Cyber Risk Management tool, organizations can gain a holistic view of all their cyber risk assessments in one place, consolidating the top issues on cloud assets detected by Wiz into the overall risk posture provided by SAFE. By combining the cloud issues detected with assessments of assets, workforce, and third parties, organizations can get an overall Breach Likelihood and Financial Risk impact, giving them an accurate representation of their risk and the ability to manage and reduce it in one platform.

  2. Enhanced Actionable Insights Across Your Entire Attack Surface

    Another advantage of the SAFE and Wiz integration is the prioritized actionable insights it provides across the entire enterprise attack surface. Risk teams can view the current posture of their on-prem assets, cloud assets and plan for risk reduction using the actionable insights provided by SAFE. With consolidated signals from all sources, including Wiz, organizations can prioritize the most critical issues and take action to mitigate them, reducing the likelihood and impact of potential breaches.

  3. Scenario-Specific Risk Assessment

    The SAFE and Wiz integration enables organizations to assess the likelihood of specific scenarios, such as ransomware or data compromise, and prioritize underlying risk issues. The integration can help security teams focus on the most critical scenarios and allocate resources more effectively to reduce the likelihood of these risks.

  4. Granular Asset Management

    The SAFE x Wiz integration pulls the desired asset tags from Wiz into SAFE, enabling teams to group their cloud assets by application or business unit. This helps team-specific risk assessments and manages a unit's overall risk. Businesses can also use this approach to identify issues at a more granular level, such as a single cloud instance, and take action to mitigate the risk.

The SAFE Platform’s real-time, data-driven approach empowers enterprises, boards, regulators, and cyber insurance carriers to understand cyber risk in an aggregated and granular manner. The integration with Wiz is another step towards helping organizations build an AI-fueled, quantified, and dynamic cyber risk management culture.

SAFE integrates with the world's leading technology platforms to quantify cyber risk. It ingests real-time telemetry via read-only APIs from 50+ technology tools.

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