September 05, 2023
Cyber Risk

Top 5 Reasons to Attend FAIRCON23

By Luke Bader, Director, Membership and Programs, FAIR Institute

Join us for two days, and we’ll inspire, educate, and connect you with a community of cyber and operational risk management leaders. Safe Security, technical advisor to the FAIR Institute and sponsors of the event, is thrilled to invite you to attend the 2023 FAIR Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 17 & 18, in Washington, D.C. (with training October 15 & 16) at the Fairmont Hotel.

The cyber risk landscape is ever-evolving, but so is Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR™), and the 2023 conference agenda will keep you on top of what’s next, from AI risk assessment to meeting the new SEC compliance rules to maximizing budget for a CRQ program. Here are five reasons to register for FAIRCON23 now.

  1. FAIR is undergoing rapid evolution – learn the latest developments in cyber risk quantification.

    You know FAIR – but do you know FAIR-CAM™, the controls analytics model? Or FAIR-MAM™, the materiality assessment model that extends the loss magnitude side of the original FAIR? Or FAIR-TAM™, the third-party risk assessment model, debuting at FAIRCON23? SAFE is automating the FAIR model to change how businesses can scale and leverage the FAIR model. Using real-time signals and an AI-driven approach, SAFE continues transforming how businesses measure and manage cyber risk. Learn more about how SAFE automates FAIR.

  2. Meet and Learn from the top talent in FAIR.

    Decades of experience in one hotel ballroom for you to tap. And if you’ve attended a FAIR Conference, you know that the FAIR community is a sharing community, happy to help with advice on taking quantitative cyber risk analysis to higher levels. Among the most experienced community leaders attending:

    1. Chris Porter, CISO Fannie Mae
    2. Douglas Hubbard, author of How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk
    3. Pablo Salazar, Managing Vice President, Technology Risk Management, Capital One
    4. Jack Jones, 3x CISO, Author of FAIR
    5. … and more speakers from Mastercard, Masonite, Alphabet, and other FAIR shops.

  3. Stop by our booth to see SAFE in Action

    As the risk landscape and regulatory requirements evolve, businesses are looking at ways to quantify risk in an AI-driven and automated approach. Enter: the all-new automated FAIR model, which combines the power of the world’s most rigorous risk quantification framework with the industry’s most advanced AI-driven CRQ solution.

  4. Choose your adventure at FAIRCON23 with focused tracks.

    This year, we made maximum effort to help you get the most out of the conference with focused session tracks for CISOs and other C-suiters. Attend sessions for

    1. Hands-on practitioners on “What Does Speaking the Language of the Business Really Mean?” including nine case-study presentations
    2. Security and program leaders on “The CRQM Program Development Lifecycle, Become experts in managing AI risk.”
    3. FAIR creator Jack Jones will set it all in perspective with his keynote Wednesday on “The Future of Risk Analysis in an AI and Automation World.”

  5. Become experts in managing AI risk.

    We bring the unique (and uniquely useful) FAIR analytical discipline to give you fresh insight into today’s issues in cyber risk, of course, starting with artificial intelligence (AI), with six sessions, including

    1. The CISO workshop on managing generative AI risk
    2. The AI track for practitioners
    3. An all-morning lab, “Analyzing AI Risk with FAIR”

Haven’t registered for the 2023 FAIR Conference yet, but want to? Use the code SAFE20FAIRCON to save 20% (up to $300) on your pass. Valid until September 29th!