CyberGym is a Safe Security internal CTF for the Lucideus hackers to learn and practice something new through Capture-The-Flag challenges. This repository consists of all the challenges part of the current CyberGym. Every challenge contains a setup guide and a challenge description so everybody can play and practice the challenges on their own. The challenges range from various catergories of Web, Network, Mobile, Binary Exploitation, OSINT etc.


This repository contains the setup files for all the challanges and their solutions. Writeups are also available.

We use CTFd as our platform to host our CTF.

All the challenges that require a network connection are running on top of Docker.

You can install docker on your system with a convenient script:

curl -fsSL | sudo sh -

Add your user to docker group for convenient management

sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

The challenges are organized in to various categories and are easy to setup and practice.


This project is using the GNU General Public License v3.0.