Paris, 27th November, 2023

Announcement of C-Risk and Safe Security Partnership

C-Risk is pleased to announce our partnership with Safe Security. This partnership is a continuation of the partnership that we began with RiskLens in 2020, which was acquired by Safe Security in 2023.

According to Forrester Research, Safe Security is the category leader in cyber risk quantification and management. The company is backed by industry leaders like John Chambers, formerly CEO of Cisco and Michael Johnson, currently the CISO of Meta.

Safe Security is the original author of the standard FAIR taxonomy and analytics model for cybersecurity risk. Safe's software platform was purpose-built on the open FAIR standard, which ensures transparent, repeatable and defensible risk analysis results.

“We are delighted to share the news of our collaboration with C-Risk, a pioneer in Cyber Risk Quantification across Europe and beyond. Through the integration of Safe's top-tier CRQ platform and C-Risk's extensive consulting and delivery capabilities, we present a comprehensive solution that empowers customers to establish highly effective cyber risk management programs." -Nick Sanna President Safe Security

The Safe platform allows our analysts to integrate FAIR CRQ models with outside-in scanning, control capability measurement, MITRE ATT&CK mapping and risk reduction insights. These new functionalities combined with the C-Risk’s expertise in applied use cases for cyber risk quantification will bring immense and highly differentiated value to our clients, for continuous risk monitoring and decision-support.

We work closely with CISOs, CIOs and risk managers to meet their specific cyber risk assessment and reporting needs. Our ultimate goal is to help organizations measure and manage their cyber and technology risk in financial terms so they can effectively prioritize risks, improve resilience and meet regulatory requirements.

“For the past few years, C-Risk has specialized in integrating control measurement and cyber kill chains within our extensive library of cyber risk scenarios. Safe Security is setting the trend for the industry with their powerful platform that combines Cyber Risk Quantification capabilities together with control capability assessment, MITRE ATT&CK mapping and security scoring features. Leveraging the SAFE platform, C-Risk's CRQ experts will help our large enterprise customers to make better data-driven decisions, significantly improving the security and resilience of their IT environments.” - Christophe Forêt Co-Founder of C-Risk

About C-Risk:

C-Risk is a recognized expert in risk management and Cyber Risk Quantification using the FAIR™ methodology. This deep expertise in information and technology risk extends across multiple sectors, making C-Risk a trusted partner for organizations worldwide. Since launching in 2016, C-Risk has helped clients understand the information risks specific to their business, target their security investments more effectively, and protect their critical digital assets. C-Risk also provides CRQ training, equipping risk professionals and decision-makers with effective methods to analyze and communicate cyber risk in financial terms. Driven by their commitment to growth and innovation, C-Risk is broadening its geographic presence and ramping up its research and development efforts to improve existing use cases and develop new ways to use CRQ. This strategic expansion will build up their internal capabilities while providing customers unparalleled value in cyber risk management. Visit and follow us at @C-Risk

About Safe Security:

Safe Security is the leader in AI-driven cyber risk management. It has redefined cyber risk measurement and management with its real-time, data-driven approach that empowers enterprise leaders, regulators, and cyber insurance carriers to understand cyber risk in an aggregated and granular manner. The recent acquisition of RiskLens brings together the power of the world’s most advanced cyber risk analytics model (FAIR), supported by practitioners in over 50% of Fortune 500 companies, with the world’s most advanced AI-fueled Cyber Risk Cloud of Clouds, processing over three billion signals a day.

Having raised over $100M, Safe is growing over 200% year over year, consecutively for the last three years, and serves some of the largest global enterprises. Visit and follow us at @SafeCRQ.