India, 19th August, 2016

Lucideus Launches #SecureDigitalIndia campaign, Plans to Bridge Skill Gap in the Cybersecurity Industry

With the campaign, Lucideus plans to reach out to more than 10,000 students across more than 50 colleges spanning more than 30 cities

Lucideus, an IT risk assessment and digital security services provider today announced the launch of a campaign named #SecureDigitalIndia. Through this campaign, the company wants to reach out to more than 10,000 students across more than 50 colleges spanning more than 30 cities to bridge the skill gap that exists today in the cyber-security industry.

Commenting on the launch Saket Modi, Co-founder & CEO said, “Cyber-security is a niche space and one needs a lot of training and focus to emerge as a professional. There is a huge skill gap that exists in the industry today and this is not just a problem in India, but is a global challenge. Looking at the situation optimistically there is a huge untapped market and opportunity globally. According to a recent report by Intel Security in partnership with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the global cyber-security workforce will have over 1 million jobs unfilled by 2019. With this campaign, we believe we can show a direction to the young students and bridge this skill gap for the long run.”

Our honorable Prime Minister while the launch of Digital India talked at length about how cyber security is going to be imperative for the success of Digital India. He spoke of how he envisions cyber security being an integral part of national security. During his speech at the Digital India dinner at Silicon Valley, Mr. Modi had said, “As our economy and our lives get more wired, we are also giving the highest importance to data privacy and security, intellectual property rights and cyber security.”

Rahul Tyagi, VP – Training, Lucideus said, “Our Prime Minister during the launch of the Digital India campaign understood the need of cyber security and how it was critical to safely empower the citizens. Today, with this campaign, we are investing into the secure future of Digital India. The idea of the campaign is to provide the students with a base, show them the different specializations and help them make an informed decision for their career.”