March 14, 2024

NCC Group's Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) Assessment Now Enabled by AI-driven Technology from SAFE Security

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve added SAFE Security’s leading AI-driven cyber risk platform to our rapid Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) assessment to help clients measure and quantify their cyber risk exposure, providing a solution to influence long-term improvements to their cyber resilience.

People-powered, tech-enabled cyber security

By combining our deep, sector-focused technical expertise, with SAFE Security's leading cyber risk quantification and management (CRQM) platform, security leaders are provided with real-time visibility expressed in financial terms to automatically prioritize security findings and operational action plans.

This enables them to facilitate a common understanding and communicate their cyber risk exposure according to business impact and ROI. This visibility enables a move away from a reactive state to a more predictive posture to help understand the likelihood of different cyber risk scenarios.

Kevin Brown, COO at NCC Group, stated, "Our collaboration with Safe Security reinforces our commitment to cultivating a strong partner and alliance ecosystem and complementing our people-centric cyber consulting services with leading technology providers. The innovative approach of this service sets a new standard for cyber risk quantification and will empower security and business leaders, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding risk mitigation strategies."

Nick Sanna, President of Safe Security added, "Combining NCC Group’s leading cyber threat expertise and extensive consulting and delivery capabilities with our leading data-driven CRQ technology presents organizations with a comprehensive solution that empowers them to establish highly effective cyber risk management programs.”

The collaboration with Safe Security follows a focus on strategic partnerships and alliances at NCC Group. Over the last six months, we’ve announced a partnership with Searchlight Cyber to launch Online Exposure Monitoring (OXM) technology, which will enhance customers’ visibility and comprehension of its digital exposure across the clear, deep, and dark web.

In January, we added Tanium's leading endpoint management (XEM) technology to our Cyber Risk Assessment and Asset Discovery services to give our clients a deeper and more detailed understanding of their total cyber risk environment and a clear roadmap for improvement.

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About NCC Group

NCC Group is a people-powered, tech enabled global cyber security and software escrow business.

Driven by a collective purpose to create a more secure digital future, c2,000 colleagues across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific harness their collective insight, intelligence and innovation to deliver cyber resilience for over 14,000 clients across the public and private sector.

With decades of experience and a rich heritage, NCC Group is committed to developing sustainable solutions that continue to meet clients’ current and future cyber security challenges.

About Safe Security

Safe Security is the leader in AI-driven cyber risk management. It has redefined cyber risk measurement and management with its real-time, data-driven approach that empowers enterprise leaders, regulators, and cyber insurance carriers to understand cyber risk in an aggregated and granular manner.

The acquisition of RiskLens brings together the power of the world’s most advanced cyber risk analytics model (FAIR), supported by practitioners in over 50% of Fortune 500 companies, with the world’s most advanced AI-fueled Cyber Risk Cloud of Clouds, processing over three billion signals a day.

Having raised over $100M, Safe is growing over 200% year over year, consecutively for the last three years, and serves some of the largest global enterprises.

Visit and follow us at @SafeCRQ.