pegasus Spyware research paper
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Detecting and Protecting your Smartphone from Pegasus Spyware

Over a few weeks, there has been a hue and cry over the Pegasus spyware targeting various top leaders, human rights activists, media personnel, and other influential personalities by their government and adversaries. This research paper will explore Pegasus spyware, how it works, and tips to diagnose and mitigate its cyber risk.
After going through this extensive research paper, you will have a fair understanding of the Pegasus surveillance tool and how you can stay safe by following a practical checklist.

Key Pointers:
  • A quick overview of the origin of Pegasus and how it is distributed in the market.
  • How Pegasus works and transform your smartphone into a listening device by exploiting several vulnerabilities in your devices without your knowledge.
  • Methods to self-investigate and check if you are a victim of Pegasus or not.
  • Tips you can follow to reduce your cyber risk of getting affected by this swiss army knife tool for surveillance.
  • Checklist for detecting the presence of the Pegasus spyware tool.
  • How you can mitigate the risk of Pegasus spyware using a command-line or terminal tool.
  • Tips to protect your devices from Pegasus spyware by being more cyber conscious.

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