The SAFE ROSI calculator

The Return On Security Investment (ROSI) calculator enables CISOs and CFOs to quantify the reduction in cyber risk for each dollar invested in cybersecurity

Security and risk management leaders face increasing pressure to prove that their security initiatives provide the most bang for their buck. The Return on Security Investment for every budget decision is under scrutiny: Are we investing in the right cybersecurity initiatives? What is the business impact of a cybersecurity investment? Are we maximizing our business risk reduction through our cybersecurity budget? Are we purchasing suitable cyber insurance coverage?

Introducing the ROSI Calculator

Identify and prioritize what gives your business the maximum return on investment - in real-time.

  1. ROSI: The difference between a successful and failing cyber risk strategy

    1. For CEOs, Board Members
    2. For CISOs, CFOs
    3. For Risk Practitioners

  2. Prioritize security investments based on the potential risk to your business

    Add, adjust, or remove initiatives according to your acceptable levels of financial risk.

  3. Identify the initiatives that will have the greatest Return on Investment

    Confidently invest in the most impactful initiatives and make every dollar count.

  4. Negotiate a fair cyber insurance premium for your business with real-time insights

    Learn what percentage of your cyber risk can be transferred with the largest impact

  5. Integrate cybersecurity risk management into your enterprise risk

    Elevate cybersecurity risk as an operational risk to protect your revenue and growth.

How ROSI outperforms other models on the market

Commercially available models

Manual and time intensive processes

Point-in-time and static assessments that are quickly dated

Heavily focussed on compliance and regulatory financial impact on business after a data breach

Do not factor cyber insurance while calculating the financial impact

Individual scenarios need to be created and analyzed separately

Safe Security ROSI model

API signals-driven inputs make it automated

Dynamic output that are continuously updated in real-time

Gathers signals across people, processes, technology, compliance, and third parties

Incorporates every factor influencing the financial impact, including cyber insurance

Provides the analyses of multiple types of initial attack vectors on a single dashboard

Discover the research that powers ROSI

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Now available within the SAFE platform

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