Palo Alto, 27th October, 2022

Safe Security Wins 2022 CISO Choice Award in Risk Management for Unique Approach to Cyber Risk Quantification

SAFE Platform recognized for inside-out analysis capabilities, providing CISOs with real time visibility, an ROI-maximizing action plan and the right business narrative for the Board

Safe Security , a global leader in cyber risk quantification and management (CRQM), was recently recognized by the CISO Choice Awards as the 2022 winner for Risk Management. The annual CISO Choice Awards program honors leaders in key technology and business categories, selected by a board of CISO judges based on their real-world experience. Safe Security’s CRQM platform, SAFE, was specifically designed to assist CISOs in real time by showing them a quantified view of cyber health, financial exposure, and actions optimized to maximize business goals.

Traditional approaches to cyber risk quantification (CRQ) have lacked practicality to drive actual decisions. In response, the SAFE platform enables organizations to predict cyber breaches in their environment while accumulating signals - using APIs - from existing cybersecurity products, external threat intelligence and business context. SAFE offers a comprehensive solution that can be implemented and layered over existing cybersecurity products.

The SAFE platform answers the following needs for CISOs:

  1. Real time visibility to an increasingly complex IT surface
  2. A prioritized, ROI-maximizing action plan to reduce likelihood of a cyber attack and financial impact due to a cyber attack
  3. Converting cyber risk jargon to a business language for the Board and the CEO/CFO

“The CISO’s role is, at its core, is to protect the business and its ability to generate revenue; and they need the ability to lead these discussions with numbers, display a sound business basis for prioritizing and making investments, and measure results that will garner Board and C-suite support for their program to protect the business,” said Saket Modi, Co-Founder and CEO of Safe Security. “We are thrilled for Safe Security to be named the winner of the Risk Management category in the 2022 CISO Choice Awards. We thank the CISO judges for their consideration. Most importantly, we thank our customers for their trust and support in this journey.”

This award recognition comes on the heels of Safe Security’s latest platform updates, having launched the Return on Security Investment (ROSI) Calculator in early October 2022. Using the ROSI Calculator, CISOs, CFOs, CEOs and Boards can, for the first time, measure a return on investment for their cybersecurity programs. For a deeper understanding of the ROSI Calculator, download the factsheet here.

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About Safe Security

Safe Security Inc. is a leader in cybersecurity and digital business risk quantification management, with a mission to build a safer digital future. Safe’s cyber risk quantification and management (CRQM) platform enables organizations to manage cyber risks in real-time. Its platform automatically collects signals from inside and outside a company’s environment to give the company-specific cyber risk rating, or SAFE Score, the financial impact of a potential breach, and an action plan. This enables organizations to have a common language across teams - from the board all the way down to an analyst - to align with a consistent risk metric. Other benefits include justifying investments in cybersecurity and purchase of cyber insurance for the organization. For more information, visit